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SOCAA NEW Wi-Fi 6E Lightning Protector


Lightning protector (also called surge protector) usually use on electric power transmission and telecommunication systems to minimize the risk of damage to the electronic equipment from lightning surge.


A power surge is an abnormally high voltage lasting for a short period of time. It is often caused by lightning strikes, power outages, or malfunctions in the grid of the power company. It could only take one power surge to make your sensitive and expensive electronics be useless.


SOCAA newly launched Wi-Fi 6E lightning protector is a great choice to protect your sensitive electronics against pulses, surges and static build-up.

矽原新新品 – Wi-Fi 6E避雷器是保護你靈敏的電器免於脈衝、突波及靜電積聚的最佳選擇。

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